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Hip Hop Films is an Innovative Award-Winning and Social Enterprising BIPOC: Black, Indigenous, People of Color Production and Aggregation Collective of creative artists collaborating together! Formed initially during the early 1990's post-racial riots by Black/Indigenous/Canadian documentary filmmaker Kevin John Fitzgerald, Indigenous/Mexican producer Youree Henley, NY Times Best Selling Black female author/producer Tiare White, Chinese-American MGM/CBS Producer/Attorney Addison Liu, Black Docu-Series Producer Wesley Jones, and Academy Award Nominated Sephardic filmmaker Henry Alex Rubin. With the goal to create a platform (HHFF) to provide accessible opportunities for underrepresented filmmakers to be able to tell their seldom heard stories. We make visionary dynamic content with passionate dedication and a sense of purpose and community. We seek to inspire and elevate realism in a disruptive model of social Influence! We are instinctive, intuitive, accessible, inclusive, diverse, immersive, and equitable! Our productions achieve full parity in our cast and crew, both above and below the line, hailing from underrepresented, underserved, marginalized, equity-seeking, women, people of color, those of diverse-abilities, all genders and sexual orientations, ethnicities, religions, ages, and those from the LGBTQ2+ community. We love movement, music, art, story, culture, and cinema! We are also experts in sound, cinematography, design, technology, and engagement! We have an archive of 1,000's of hours of Hip Hop Footage spanning the 70's, 80's, and 90's. We license and exhibit our work collectively around the world. We are easy to work with. You're invited to the block party! Come and get down with us...


Our Partners

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