This award-winning & critically acclaimed documentary chronicles the authentic life, music, and history of the 80 & 90’s underground hip-hop culture of improvisational rap! Packed with rare & archival (35mm & 16mm) footage of some of the most amazing MC’s ever to bless the mic, Freestyle: The Art of Rhyme features the story of MC Supernatural & his quest to become a champion, battling many in his way including his arch nemesis Craig G of the famed Marley Marl Juice Crew. 
Combining the best of independent art house cinema within the hip-hop mixtape format, the film features legendary battles from New York to LA. The artists featured in the film, from Mos Def to Wu-Tang Clan to Notorious BIG provide insight into one of the least seen faces present in the music: improvisation and creativity.  Structured with insights from the Last Poets and jazz & rap historians Freestyle connects the dots from the pain & love of yesterday & poets to today's hip-hop innovators.